this is who we are 


how it all started…

Hey, I’m Sam DeVries, Owner and Operator of DeVries Auto. Throughout my childhood I had dreams of being a lawyer or a sniper for the United States Marine Corps; however, I was always drawn to T.V. shows such as Top Gear, West Coast Customs, Fast N’ Loud, and Overhaulin’. In my high school years I took a business class, this is when I realized that I wanted to own my automotive business. With this new life goal, I got my first job at an independent shop where I would fall even further in love with automotive repair and customization. Unfortunately, all good things can go wrong at any time.

The independent shop I was at closed down and I was forced to get a job doing something I HATED. One day I had enough of it and quit that job to begin my search for another job in a shop. Shortly after I turned 18 I was finally able to get back into a shop at a Chevrolet dealership. I spent the next 4 years at this dealership fighting with everything I had to move up and learn as much as I could. I got to a point where I was making GREAT money for someone my age; however, I was still unhappy.

At this point I knew I had to start my own business. Now, at 22 years old I have started my own mobile automotive service business. With this business I have plans to completely change to automotive service industry. I will do this by taking everything I have learned, good and bad, from my time at the dealership and improving it. DeVries Auto is focused on providing a more professional and convenient service to all of our customers!


our service goals

  • Customer satisfaction is top priority

  • Keep the service process hassle free for customers

  • Keep services clean and professional

  • Remove the inconvenience from automotive maintenance

giving back

  • A percentage of all profits will be donated to Team Blueline to give back to our officers who gave all

  • Hold fundraisers to raise money for individuals in our community

  • Discounts for all first responders and U.S. military members